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Kids Look Forward to Learning with DaVinci Day Camp

May 11, 2012

When it comes to summertime, many parents worry that their child will regress in terms of their education. Whether he/she struggles academically, or simply does not retain information well, then an educational enrichment camp may be an ideal way to spend the summer. Kids will love the fun activities, while you appreciate the boost of learning they’ll receive.

Chris Waage, of the DaVinci Day Camp in the bay area recently chatted with SignUpForCamp to share with us a bit more about the camp that enriches, enlightens and engages children each summer.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you started the camp.

A: For the last 20 years we have been known for providing quality academic summer programs for grades 4-12 at Universities here in California as well as Boston. The one thing that was missing from our program was a community focused camp that served younger grade groups. Our goal to offer great programs that all age groups could benefit from was completed with DaVinci Day Camp for K-5th grade campers. DaVinci Day Camp brought together our organizations long standing values of immersive academic learning and more traditional recreational day camp.

Q: Are there any special lessons or experiences you are trying to provide during the camp?

A: Camps choose from 8 different themes workshops that fall into either public speaking, creative writing, or science and engineering. The lessons are taught through constant hands-on experiences that provide a variety of different approaches to reach each child’s different learning style.

Q: What surprises/delights the kids (or parents) most about your camp?

A: When parents and kids here “academic day camp” they are very surprised to find that camp resembles an artists workshop much more than a stuff classroom.

Campers lose themselves in the engaging activities so much that they forget that they are learning important skills that will be used for years to come.

To sign up for DaVinci Day Camp, choose a location and session that best suits your child, and prepare to see them beyond inspired during their school break.

There are   some other  community focused camps that  are  in Bay area like  Osher Marin JCC Camp at San Rafael,Camp Mandarin Immersion at Berkeley and Camp Carden at San Jose .

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