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Atherton Lacrosse Teaches Love for the Sport.

May 9, 2012

Lacrosse continues to grow in popularity as a sport that many youth continue through college and beyond. A summer camp focusing on the improvement of one’s game and overall athletic skills is a great way to get a head start for those next team tryouts. In the Pennisula, Atherton Lacrosse gets kids prepared and ready for their time on the competitive field. We recently chatted with Josh Rottman of Atherton Lacrosse, who was able to give us an inside look at this camp’s goals and program.

Q: What is the most important lesson you want your students to come away with?

A: The most important thing we hope to instill in our players is a lasting love for this sport. For the coaches at Atherton, we’ve been playing this sport for a long time because we’ve come to love playing it. We hope that our camps and free clinics are the beginning of that passion for our players.

Q: What would you suggest parents do to prepare their kids for camp?

A: We would suggest familiarizing your player with what lacrosse looks like. Have them look at a Youtube video of a game, or bring them out to a youth or high school game in their area. The better they understand what they’re trying to achieve, the more likely they’ll have success.

Q: What are some of the favorite parts of camp for the kids?

A: The younger kids really enjoy a game we play called Sharks and Minnows. The players act as the minnows, running from sideline to sideline while cradling the ball. The coaches act as the sharks, trying to get them to drop the ball. If they drop it, they become seaweed and act as obstacles for the remaining players.

Atherton Lacrosse Camp has locations all throughout the region, so your child can improve their lacrosse game or experience this unique sport for the first time, wherever they are located.

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