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Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp Develops Kids with a Passion for Tennis

May 2, 2012

Tennis is quickly becoming a popular sport that rivals soccer and baseball. Whether your child is getting ready to go out for the tennis team or you just want them to learn a skill them gets them outdoors and exercising, tennis is a great choice. David Schilling of Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps recently shared some information on their summer camp that’s ideal for all ages and skill level.

Q: What is the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp?

A: The Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps is a brand new partnership between Wilson Sporting Goods, Co and Premier Sports Camps, although we have been running tennis camps for more than 20 years (under the name All-American Tennis Camps), this is our first year with Wilson Tennis.
Q: Why the partnership now?

A: It was the goal of the partnership to pair young tennis players with the top college coaches on the nation’s finest college campuses in an effort to not only help with the development of young campers tennis games, but to also build an interest and passion in attending college and gearing towards playing college tennis someday.

Q: Is this camp only for those who want to play tennis in college and beyond?

 A: Not all of our campers want to go on and play college tennis, and that is not a requirement. Many just want to learn the game, improve their game or prepare for middle or high school teams.  The Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps can help with that.  We work with boys and girls ages 8-18 of all skill levels.  We want to put kids in a positive learning environment, and we feel working with the nation’s best coaches, on beautiful, safe college campuses will help nurture this learning.  We call it “Higher learning for your game”.

Q: What makes your camp stand out from others?

A: The hallmarks of our camps is personalized attention.  We put our kids into small instructional groups with students of similar age and ability and tailor our instruction to their needs.  Many camps have a “cookie-cutter” approach to their camps.  We want to use the latest cutting-edge instructional techniques, and our camp directors are leaders in the industry in this manner.  College coaches are the most well-rounded, attuned and educated coaches in the United States and there is no better group to work with these young players.  These coaches are full-time, year round teachers who are hand-picked for their ability to relate to young players of this age and ability level.

Q: Do the campers do anything besides play tennis?

A: While we specialize in our on court tennis instruction, we want to offer a well-rounded camp experience.  Our philosophy is that “camp is not a place – camp is an experience” and in order to provide the most positive experience we offer a full day of actives.  In addition to 5.5-6 hours of camp each day, the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps offers daily social and recreational activities to enhance the camp. We realize that for many of our students, this may be their first time away from home (overnight camps) and we want to help with transition and help build confidence and self-assurance.

Q: You offer a unique way to get parents involved. Tell us about that.

A: One of the unique aspects of Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps that surprises and delights many our parents is our “CAMP LIVE” program. This is our social media effort during the camps.  We want the parents, family and friends to participate in the camp experience and to communicate the happenings at camp.  We use social media such as photos galleries and blogs, in a very timely and daily manner, to
share the experience.  Blogs detailing the days’ activities and learnings, high quality professional photo galleries that express the fun and enthusiasm of camp, and Facebook and Twitter updates in real time help us reach out to the parents and family when their loved ones are at camp.

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