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Classroom Antics Tech Camps: Toby Foote

January 20, 2012

Every so often we conduct interviews with camp directors to collect advice for parents looking for unique experiences for their kids.  We recently exchanged emails with Toby Foote, founder of Classroom Antics Tech Camps, which has 13 locations in Ohio.  

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started the camps

I’m a technology professional with 20 years experience supporting engineering applications and enterprise data centers. After years of providing service to companies who paid handsomely for my service, I decided to educate our young children about technology and the incredible opportunities that technology can provide. We started providing small technology day camps in the Cleveland market in 2008, teaching video game design, LEGO robotics, and stop-motion animation movie making. Since then, we have doubled the size of our camp each year, with camps today spanning over Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, with plans to expand again to Cincinnati in 2013.

What surprises/delights the kids most about your camp?

Classroom Antics Tech Camps gives kids the opportunity to learn amazingly fun technologies that they will use later in life. Kids love to play video games, so convincing a child to design a video game is very easy. They learn basic programming skills, improve logic-based thinking, and receive an introduction to geometry and algebra. Scratch programming and LEGO robotics expand on these life-skills as well. And stop-motion animation is an artistic technology skill that improves spatial awareness in conjunction with time. Math is used in movie making too because we have to calculate frames-per-second when filming to determine how far to move a character between camera shots.

What surprises/delights parents most about your camp?

Kids come out of our camps counting the hours until camp starts up the next day. I hear from parents, time and time again, that they had NO TROUBLE getting their kids out of bed to return to camp the next day. Dinner table discussions about what their child did in camp that day were easy and exciting. Absolutely rave reviews, some are listed at

Anything else you’d like to add?

Camps are available as half-day morning or afternoon classes, or attend a full-day camp that allows children to pick a different technology each day. If you have a friend that likes technology like your child does, bring them to camp too. If not, there are plenty of new friends that your child can meet.

Technology skills are inadequately taught in our public school system. Sending your child to a technology camp is the best way to introduce your child to a potential future career in a fun and exciting way.


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