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This summer, run away and join…Circus Camp!

August 2, 2010

The 2010 summer camp season is winding down as the school year approaches, and no doubt your children have been busy all summer long. But there is a whole month left of time to fill, and Sign Up For Camp can help!

With all the camp options out there, it can be difficult to weed through the wide array of camps available. Of course, that’s why you have Sign Up For Camp: to give you that extra bit of information you need to find something special and unique in a summer camp that your kids will think is, dare we say it…cool?

Like, circus camp, for instance.

Circus camps are a kind of bizarre and wonderfully twisted combination of all camps rolled into one; they offer a variety of activities that appeal to a broad range of interests — from sports and physical fitness to dance, theatre and the arts. True circus camps are not a dime a dozen in the Bay Area by any means, but we have one right in the heart of San Francisco that has been around since 1973. AcroSports offers week-long summer circus camps that include circus events, acrobatics, act development and other physical activities designed to promote fitness, self-confidence and group cooperation skills. Mornings are spent developing acts for the end-of-week show (a different theme each week!), and campers spend afternoons learning new skills, doing art projects and playing games. Kids as young as 18 months old can get in on (some of) the action!

Kinetic Arts in Oakland offers one-week camps that focus on Clowning, Acro & Improv and Aerial, Acro & Juggling. Two-week camps are offered in Circus/Performance. Kids spend each session learning or improving basic circus skills, focusing on their performance skills and preparing for a performance at the end of the session. Kinetic Arts offers an Advanced Camp for experienced circus artists who want to improve specific skills, develop acts or audition pieces. It’s a warm and inviting atmosphere, but it is for the serious circus artist.

At Trapeze Arts Circus Day Camp, kids will learn to fly through the air…really! Actually, kids will learn an array of circus arts, including flying trapeze, trampoline, aerial arts, juggling, hand balancing, circus bike, acrobatics and tightwire. Since 1994, Trapeze Art has been teaching flying trapeze and other circus arts to kids ranging in age from two to 82 years old.

Going to circus camp really is an amazing and unique experience. Not only do kids have the opportunity to be active and engage in myriad physical activities all day long (read: they’ll be exhausted when they arrive home at day’s end!), but they also are exposed to a form of performing arts. Best of all, most circus camp sessions conclude with a final performance, which means campers must collaborate with fellow campers to present their newly-acquired skills to friends and family. So, as fantastic as running away to the circus may sound to your kids, it’s even more exciting for you, since the experience is bound to benefit the mental and emotional side of your child, as well as the physical.

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