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Grace Community Church Basketball Academy: Rich and Nanci Sampson

July 12, 2010

From time to time, I conduct interviews with camp directors to collect advice for parents looking for unique experiences for their kids. I recently spoke with Rich and Nanci Sampson at Grace Community Church Basketball Academy, an affordable sports camp in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, that provides children an uplifting and fun week of basketball training. Each camper will learn fundamental basketball skills, as well as what God has to say about being a good athlete and teammate.

With so many camps available, how do you find the right camp for your child?  Any specific advice on selecting a basketball camp?

A camp should be chosen according to the child’s likes and abilities and what the parent(s) can afford.  Make sure the child has experienced adult coaches with assistants.

What questions should a parent ask a camp?

Parents might ask, “How will this benefit my child physically and emotionally?”  Or, “Will my child be safe and well cared for?”  Finally, “Is it worth the money I pay?”

Summer is long, with some kids attending 10 weeks of camp. Any tips on preventing camp burn-out?

Switch up the types of camps the child attends.  Allow them ample down time when he or she is at home — TV, DS, napping, etc…

How should parents help kids prepare for camp?

Review what your kids will be doing and show your excitement about it.  Make sure they have a good, healthy breakfast and drink lots of fluids, even at home, especially in climates with excessive heat.  Make sure they get enough sleep each night before camp.

Tell us what is special about the Grace Community Church Basketball Academy?

We are not only interested in teaching children basketball skills, but also how to be a good team player, have good sportsmanship, strive for excellence and work hard.  We want to show them what God teaches about all those attributes.

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