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Field Hockey Summer Camps, A Growing West-Coast Trend

June 21, 2010

Field Hockey, traditionally an East-Coast sport, is following the footsteps of Lacrosse and becoming bigger than ever in California. Girls in Northern California and Southern California alike are becoming interested in the fast-paced game that is a hybrid of ice-hockey, lacrosse and soccer. Over the summer, send your daughter to a field hockey camp and she will learn the values of teamwork, conditioning, competition, cooperation, and hard-work in a fun and unique way, by playing field hockey! Colleges in the Bay Area host top-notch camps that not only engage first time-players, but also refine the skills of more experienced field hockey players. Stanford’s Field Hockey Camp and Cal’s Field Hockey Camp are particularly good camps run locally with Division I coaches and players running the camps. The University of the Pacific Camp and numerous camps in San Diego are also highly praised for their ability to combine instruction and playing to create the healthiest and most engaging atmosphere.

To read about the availability of field hockey camps in the Philadelphia region click here.

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