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Cool iphone app for moms: MomMaps

March 9, 2010

MomMapsI recently connected with Jill Seman, the mom behind MomMaps – a cool iPhone app that makes it easy to find nearby parks, playgrounds museums and coffee shops.  I have been meaning to try this app for a long time, and this inspired me to finally do it.

This app has over 17,000 kid-friendly locations in the U.S. and beyond (including both the San Francisco and Philly areas).  It will take you to parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor playareas to keep the whole family happy. The content is generated by parents for parents, so it’s like having mom-word-of-mouth in one convenient little app.

Now that I’ve finally installed it, I’m wondering what took me so long!  Especially since I have a rather poor sense of direction. There’s been so many times where I’ve been out, and thought “I know that playground is around here somewhere…” and ended up taking the long, long way there.  Now,  I’ll just click on my MomMaps app and spot the desired playground/park/coffee shop in an instant.

Thanks MomMaps!

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