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Kid Courier – Cool transportation service in Marin

February 26, 2010

I just learned about this cool new transportation service in Marin. If you are having trouble coordinating transportation for your kids to camp, there’s a new service in Marin that will take your child to and from camp. I wish it was available in San Francisco – there are times when camps start too late for me to do the drop-off and get to work on time.  Or, when I was working in Emeryville, making a 5:30 pick-up could be very stressful. Having an extra few minutes to get home can make all the difference. Here’s some information on the service.

Kid Courier, LLC is a Child Transporation Service for children 4-17 years old in Marin County.  We offer:

  • Pre-arranged, door to door service
  • Text messaging to parents once children arrive at their destination
  • Vehicles are fully insured, regularly maintained, clean and equipped with GPS
  • Easy online registration and payment options

We are currently taking reservations and are also offering chartering options for field trips, birthday parties, and group activities at a discounted rate.  Our services allow parents wider access to activities for their children that lack of transportation may otherwise not allow.

Owned and operated by a Marin mom – please visit our website at to learn more about this exciting new resource for Marin parents and businesses.

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