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Camp story: Kids Outdoor Club

October 19, 2009

Arranging your kids’ summer camp schedules is surprisingly time consuming. But, you do get a great payback when your kid has a great time at camp. When I hear about great experiences, I’ll be posting them to my blog. This one comes from my friend, Laure Latham, who I volunteer with on the GGMG newsletter (and the writer of A Frog Mom in California)

Last summer I sent my girls to the Kids Outdoor Club in Goldden Gate Park. We’re an outdoors family: we go camping, we go hiking, we go backpacking – so I thought, it’s got to be outdoors. Well, I was amazed at what my girls learned that I’d never thought about before. The oldest learned how to climb a tree. It sounds plain and stupid, but climbing a tree is great. We don’t have any climbable trees in our backyard so she’d never done it before. The youngest went to play hide-and-seek in the woods and then went to pick blackberries in the park. I could tell by the smear on her face she really enjoyed it. And both girls came back with fantastic camp songs (that they’re still singing) and a fantastic tale about Dirt Mountain. Now I’d really like to find out where Dirt Mountain is…

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